Friday, March 12, 2010

Just wondering ......

Ok ladies, no-one has braved it here and made any posts. Please feel free too. It would be fantastic if ANYONE ... yoohoo ANYONE out there, who has done any of the canvasses (*ahem - I know one person) would take a sneak peek photo and do a post. We would love to see it, and I honestly think it would inspire the others.

I would definitely post a sneaky peek if I had done one. I'm going to tonight so stay tuned for a preview tomorrow ... errr, that's as long as it goes according to plan LOL.

Even if you just pop up a post about yourself, and what you've been up to. That could be fun as well. No use me going on about myself - because you all know what I'm up to anyway hehe.

Come on girls, let's get a bit of fun happening. First person to post - I'll donate a little RAK too :)


  1. ooooohhhhhhh am i first. Little post about me - well i am little bit behind in my bakers dozen so a little bit bout me is all you can have.... i need to hurry up and finish my pages - actually start my pages.....ooops hurry up and lets see what you have done so i can copy.... nah tricked ya i just need some more hours in the day

  2. so come Al
    whats my RAJ
    Spose its bloody dirty dog... you..
    said in the nicest possible way...

  3. im still waiting - for my RAJ (mean RAK) RAK of what??

  4. I have finished both LO's and have my third months photo's to work on now. I'll try and work out how to do a sneak peek of each LO...